Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to study chemistry efficiently

Sorry that i had not update this blog for sometimes. I had been busy previously and have to admit that i am not computer-pro, which i not sure about using of this blog.

Often, students asked me, how to study chemistry, how to score A in STPM chemistry?Ask yourself, are u able to consistently score more than 60 marks in your school exam? If not, is time for you to sit down, and start a plan now. Here, i will share with you guys, step by step on how to efficiently manage your chemistry study.

I will start with organic chemistry. To study organic chemistry, the first thing is to memorize all the reaction first. Whether you understand or not, is more efficient if you know more less about the reaction and condition first of all the important reaction.

The best way to start with is memorizing the flow chart of the reaction. Keep a small notepad on your pocket, try to memorize and write down the flow chart every day, till the before your STPM, you will noticed there will be much more difference than you try to memorize all the reaction near your exam date, why? Remember, the biggest culprit, whether you realized or not, is STRESS. Remember, if you start the study closer to your exam date, the more STRESS you have and CONFIDENCE level will start to drop.